Monday, May 07, 2012

meal planning monday

Some weeks meal planning comes easily. Meals flow readily from my mind and everything's smooth.

Not today.

Today things aren't flowing. So I'm taking this as a sign and making this week's meals easy-as.

Monday: sausages, mash and peas. With gravy. Yummo.

Tuesday: My gal has late ballet, so I'll whip up my version of Nigella's spaghetti carbonara. It's so simple, and I don't add cream, just eggs and parmesan for a creamy texture.

Wednesday: Roasted pumpkin soup. Simply roast your pumpkin pieces with quartered onion, garlic cloves and sprigs of thyme. When cooked, blitz it with a blender and add stock (chicken or vege) to create desired thickness and season. That's it. Served with crusty rolls that's just about my fave winter dinner.

Thursday: We're off to the shopping centre to swap some of hubby's presents and shop for mother's day. We'll have dinner at the food court - Indian for my husband and child, Japanese for me.

Friday: Simple fish and chips. If I'm so inclined it will be so simple as to be bought from the fish and chip shop, if not, it'll be frozen beer battered fish and some regular frozen fries and sweet potato fries.

Saturday: BBQ. I have some garlic prawns with my name on it this week. I'll also cook up some potatoes and chorizo alongside. Serve it with a salad.

Sunday: Well, last week's lamb roast didn't eventuate as one of my friends on twitter had pork belly for dinner saturday night and that set off my cravings. So this week, seven hour lamb it is. Seriously.

What are you eating? Are you simple this week? Or cooking up a gourmet storm?

ps: how CUTE is that sign in the piccy above? Once again it's from Provence. I was obsessed with the cute metal signage and took snaps everywhere. I think this was my fave though.


  1. After 8 months of maternity leave slothness on the meal planning front, I am attempting to plan my meals this week. I know it's time to meal plan when I wheel out the same dinner twice in one week, and not as left overs! So I'm pulling out the favourite cookbooks and the latest delicious. for some inspiration. I have also been thinking of using your meal planning posts as inspiration for a blog post of my own! It's a great idea.

  2. I havent done a meal plan since we moved house in November.. I promised myself today I will start again.. wish me luck!! lol

  3. My plan this week it too cook up a big batch of mixed mushroom soup with a tang - should last we 3-4 nights dinner!

  4. Oh PPMJ for an off week, you're certainly very on the mark, to my way of thinking. Sounds like a week of great dishes. Every week I battle my through the meal planning mine field. It's so hard not to become repetitive, but I try to throw something new in at least once, just to mix it up.
    Tonight we did Singapore noodles with chicken (YUM) and I'll probably do a lasagne one night, fish & chips another and maybe some lamb wraps another... does that get me to the weekend!?!?
    Hmmm, I really need more order in my meal planning.
    LOVE the sign, so cute xo

  5. battle my *way* through ...gotta start proof reading before I hit publish!

  6. i'm feeling a bit the same this week! though your meal choices seem much more inspired ha ha! i just opened the freezer drawers and though, that'll do!
    wishing you a most lovely week!


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