Friday, June 01, 2012

flowers for friday

I had the most incredible dream last night. It was a launch party for Veuve Cliquot rosé and it was filled with pink. Pink tulips, bottles of pink champagne - bliss. I nearly cried when I had to wake from it. It's strange where your subconscious takes you sometimes isn't it?

So here's a fabulously pink ombre pile of peonies, roses and other fabulous fleurs to make up for my not inviting you to my dream last night. Isn't it just succulent?

Oooh, last night I went to a pop-up small bar. I know - exciting! It was intimate, fabulous and inspirational. Set up in a gorgeous old bank (complete with marbled panelling, original cubicles and mezzanine level, hunter wine producers served their delicious wines from behind the long marble counter while sophisticated peeps mingled, nibbled on cheese and chatted about solutions for this town.

A small tweak to the licensing laws, some innovation and vision - and a lot of support can see Newcastle's transformation continue. There's the passion and the motivation out there to get things started - it's now up to the residents to get behind the new ventures and help make them a success.

This starts next month with the June 22 launch of the Terrace Bar. I'm excited about this one. It's a new venue: wine bar, performance space in one of my old haunts. This old terrace style building was once The Gunfighter's Rest - undoubtedly one of Newcastle's finest night spots. It was small, it was unique, it was fabulous. And, excitedly, it looks like Chris Hearn, the new owner of Terrace Bar is continuing the innovation. He called for funds on Pozible to raise money for a PA system and screen. He needed $5000 so the high quality equipment would be on-site ready for bands and acts when they need it. Such a good idea. He had a month to raise the money - he surpassed the target in 48 hours. Now funds are going toward making the place even more fabulous - and giving his credit card a rest.

What was unique was that he offered rewards with pledges. Those who donated $25 received exclusive access to the opening night - with a max capacity of 120. Higher donations could choose from cool vinyl packs, vouchers from ace nearby stores or other choice rewards. My fave came with a $1000 donation - have a cocktail named after you. My bank account settled for a golden ticket to opening night.

I love seeing innovation and creativity blossom, so I'll do what I can to support it. Particularly when it's fabulous. Cheers.


  1. Listen to you, out and about and in the thick of it all!

    Whenever I think of small pop-up bars, I just want to weep. I was old before my time. x

  2. You know me doll, hangin' with the cool kids... x

  3. Oh WOW, that all sounds totally cool PPMJ. You're such a mover and shaker, love hearing about all these delightful little places opening up in your hood. Also like the idea of getting a little something back for a donation. And how awesome would it be to have your name up there next to a cocktail.
    Oh and I know how you feel about almost crying when waking up from certain dreams, that has happened to me many a time.
    Beautiful flowers. Happy Weekend! xo

    1. I can only dream of having a cocktail named after me - but who knows.... Thanks for your, as always, lovely, lovely comments. You always make me smile x

  4. Omg The old Gunfighters I spent many a night there, do you remember the drinks with the dried ice, so very glad they are doing something with it can't wait to revisit, my husband has done some work there over he years it has been a few interesting things lol, hope to see u there one day my shout xx

    1. Vesna, I would ONLY drink the cocktails with the dry ice - preferred the Snakebite over the Spastic Goat's Milk! Have posted the link to the donation now. Let's catch up for a cocktail when it's opened! x

  5. Sorry is it to late to help would love to donate please let me know .


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