Friday, June 15, 2012

flowers for friday

I do love a nice bunch of tulips. These were on the table at le petit deux when I breakfasted yesterday with mon amis C and K. Why yes, that is my third visit to LpD this week... Couldn't help it. Had to go on opening day with my family, then on Tuesday with my friend S because we're keen supporters of all things new in Newy, and hey, my friend C is French and K is a francophile like me - of COURSE we had to go in the first week.

We were also lucky to meet the chef/owner Lesley who asked us what we thought of the place and shared her passion behind this lovely french breakfast and lunch spot. How wonderful it must be to realise a dream. I'm keen to get there for lunch, there's a plat du jour special with a meal and a glass of wine for just under $20. Bargain. Today's steak and frites, and Lesley told me all about the meat, how it's chosen, how its carved and how it's cooked. I knew there was love and passion behind this place before I'd met Lesley, but now, wow, I'm in awe.

I love meeting inspirational people who make their dreams happen. And there are so many of them in this town that it can only serve to attract more. We just need to get the council and public behind this: get some great lighting in the city, more fab events like Red Lantern Markets and Livesites, increase public transport and we'll see this town become the thriving mecca it can be at night - just like it is in Europe.

Exciting times ahead. Enjoy your Friday - and your weekend.


  1. Aaaah, that's better. I zipped straight over today because I knew your Friday flowers would cheer me right up, and they have.

    Even cheerier are your supportive words for this lovely new Newcastle venture. It sounds totally adorbs! x

    1. Oh love, I am thinking about you so much at the moment. I've had minor back issues for years, so can only imagine what you're going through. Glad blogger decided not to be borked for long enough for me to post to cheer you up.

      ps: when you're on your feet again and up for that road trip we are totes doing le petit deux x

  2. Replies
    1. Totally. ps: you know this post is in response to your Instagram comment don't you? x

  3. Yes, you go girl!! xT

  4. Nothing like building the community around you, to make a better place for all PPMJ. It is wonderful to read of your passion for your neighbourhood. And those tulips are perfection! xo


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