Friday, June 22, 2012

flowers for friday

And le sigh, it's friday...

So happy. Such a busy week - to set off a busy weekend. Tonight I'm off with a friend to the opening of The Terrace Bar, Newcastle's newest small bar. A lot of thought, planning and passion's gone into this place, I cannot wait to see what they've done with it. The snippets I've seen look sensational! Don't worry, I'll be Instagramming it - it looks very Instagrammable.

Tonight's also my gal's first high school dance (eek!) so before I toddle off I'll be helping her frock up and be fabulous. Bless.

Tomorrow's a big morning of netball with lots of girls umpiring to supervise, then, in the afternoon my gal's off to a birthday party. It's a camping party where the girls will be sleeping out the back in the parent's caravan. Again, bless. We still need to buy the birthday gal something spesh, so we'll be headed to Blackbird Corner where if you can't find a teenage girl an ace present you obviously don't have your eyes open.

Saturday night hubby and I will wander down to check out Winter Heat in Civic Park. It's my favourite thing about winter in Newcastle. We might have to buy a bowl of paella to munch on while checking out the sights.

On Sunday I have a lovely friend's farewell High Tea at Bacchus (why yes, I am pulling out Newcastle's big guns in this post aren't I?) which will be fabulous, if a bit teary. And naturally I've opted for the option of champagne with my high tea - you knew it didn't you?

Monday's my last day of work before we head south to the glorious Southern Highlands for a week's holiday with fab friends. Can. Not. Wait.

So today, busy. Lots of work to do before holidays. I think I need some pretty fleurs for my desk like these. Don't you?


  1. You've got a lovely weekend planned. I'll be lying here in my dressing gown thinking about Bacchus! x

  2. Sounds lovely! Can't wait to hear about Terrace Bar, it sounds great.
    We have a very busy weekend with soccer, a 30th birthday party and 3 kid's parties, and I am lucky enough to be going to a high tea as well, but mine is at the Newcastle Club, have you ever been?
    Question for you (as you seem to be in the know about all things fun in Newy!) - I am trying to find a venue for a work social gathering next Friday night. Probably about 15 people, we want to have dinner and drinks somewhere central and nice but not too pricey - any suggestions?

    1. Oooh, so jealous about the Newcastle Club - am dying to go there.

      What about Bocados for your dinner? If you're into Spanish. You're also just around the corner from the Grand Hotel which is looking very pretty with the lacework now appearing on the new veranda (go there for a drink beforehand perhaps). Otherwise I like VietKing on Darby Street. The Spanish place just across from there (can't remember the name, it used to be L'incontro the italian place) is also gorgeous.

      Have fun!

  3. Ooohhh.... can we see pics fo your lovely frocked up? Or at least a hair/shoes/frock description? :D

  4. Whatta week and whatta weekend! It all sounds too lovely for words PPMJ! Enjoy all those fabulous social events. The Winter Heat thingo sounds fantastico... any event where there's paella or gozleme has to be a good one! Happy weekend! xo

  5. I've been so behind on my blog reading. Spending this morning catching up and your gorgeous flowers for Friday made me smile. Love them.


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