Monday, June 25, 2012

holiday... celebrate...

So, in the morning we're off on a week's holiday. Hurray! I'm pretty much prepared. The beef bourguignon's cooked and in the fridge - it just needs to go in an esky tomorrow and we're set. I've also pulled up my One Week Holiday list from my files and got it printed out and ready to go. What's that you say? What is a one week holiday list? Well, I have a couple of lists saved on my computer dependent on the holiday. There's a three day holiday, a one week holiday and a long-term holiday (four to six weeks - so, you know, overseas). These are my master lists that I create so I don't have to faff around creating one before we head away, I simply print, pack and tick off.

Love it.

Now, before you say "Oh, PPMJ, you just do that because you're such an organised person..." allow me to retort. At heart I am a deeply disorganised person. Disorganisation runs deep in my veins and I have to fight very, very hard to overrule it. And, just like parenting, I have to choose my battles. For me, my battles are Meal Planning and Holiday Packing. The rest can sort itself out. If I plan these two events I know I can just breathe out a sigh of relief and enjoy myself.

My holiday lists look extensive. They're divided into toiletries (with every little thing on them, even headbands and body lotion), clothing, pantry (I normally take my pepper grinder and a decent small knife with me when staying in a holiday house - two essentials I can't live without). I also take the iPod dock so I can listen to the iPod on my phone - and we take the coffee machine if we're going away for longer than two days.

Sanity saviours people. Sanity saviours.

I also do my usual anally-retentive timed list, just like I do for birthday parties and dinner parties - with all events written down with reasonable times written next to them. Saves the last-minute flap. We're not having house-sitters this time, so at least the house cleaning's kept to a minimum - but our next-door-neighbour's coming in to cat sit (feed, entertain etc) so the house needs to be in reasonable order.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated when I'm away. I have my phone, which has BlogPress on it so there will be blogging from the bucolic Southern Highlands. Can. Not. Wait.


  1. Very impressive lists you have there. Very impressive indeed. I'm such a last minute flap person...hmmm...think I'll be borrowing a few ideas from you from now on.
    I hope you have a fantastic holiday, looking forward to hearing more. x


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