Monday, June 04, 2012

meal planning monday

Well hello Monday. Short-time, no-see. My daughter has her first high school exams this week, so I'm cooking up all her favourite meals to help her get through the week. We started off last night with shepherd's pie with polka dot corn on the cob {pretty yellow and white kernals!} - let's hope it boosts her brain power. Here's what else we're eating:

Monday: chicken schnitzel, mashed potato and wilted tuscan cabbage with bacon. I'm growing the cavalo nero in the garden, it's so dark green it's almost black so is positively bursting with B-vitamins. I saute a little garlic with a finely diced french shallot (or red onion). Then I add some diced bacon or pancetta and fry till crisp. On top of this I add the shredded cabbage and add enough chicken stock to generously cover the base of the pan. I top this with a lid and steam until it's soft and delicious.

Tuesday: beef in red wine pot pies. I'm going to cook up a simple beef in red wine casserole in the slow cooker this morning, and at night, add them to little pots and top them with puff pastry to make pot pies. I'll serve them with roasted vegies {might as well use the leftover space in the oven while they're cooking} and I'll be making roasted brussell sprouts too! {cut in half, doused in olive oil and roasted till crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Wednesday: we went to a food and wine masterclass last Friday night and the chef showed us how to make cassoulet. I'll test it out and share the recipe once I've given it a go. This hearty stew of white beans, sausage and duck is a winnner.

Thursday: my gal's final requested meal, bangers and mash. Gotta love a simple meal of grilled sausages, mashed potato, onion gravy and steamed carrots and zucchini.

Friday: I think I'll make salmon patties with a salad tonight, that's an easy Friday night meal.

Saturday: fillet of lamb with a chick pea mash tonight. Warmed chickpeas, a little garlic and a squeeze of lime, roughly mashed with a fork. A seasoning a salt, pepper and fresh parsley - yum. I'll also roast some red capsicum and top that with a little crumbled feta. Nice.

Sunday: hello soup weather. I'll see where the mood takes me, but possibly a bean and vegie soup tonight.

And that's it. How about you?

ps: that image is from Fried Green Tomatoes - I need to see that again. Such a gorgeous film.


  1. Mmmm loving the sound of those pot pies! Roasted brussell sprouts? Well, I never!! Sounds interesting,might have to give it a go ; ) I'll be including a yummy white bean stew this week (cassoulet sounds much better than stew), might do it tonight for meat free Monday. Thanks for the ideas and hope you have a great week! x

  2. I love winter meals, so satisfying and hearty.
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  3. Whoa! PPMJ you are going all out this week. Such lovely meals and I am certain they will help your girl through her exams. You're a wonderful Mama... I wish I could go back in time and appreciate all those beautiful meals my own Mama cooked for me throughout high school. Nothing like a home cooked meal xo


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