Monday, June 25, 2012

meal planning monday

Guess what? We’re off on holidays tomorrow – yay! A week in the Southern Highlands with some fabulous friends.  This is our third holiday in the same location, same house, same friends – so there’s some traditions that must be upheld. Cannot wait. So tonight’s our last night at home, but hey, I still meal plan on holidays – it’s just a lot looser.

I think it’s still important to consider your plans for the day, so while we mightn’t have late ballet lessons or netball training, we’ll be out sight-seeing or perhaps just feeling lazy and in the mood for something easy. Anyway, here’s our plan:

Monday: last night at home before hols. I’m cooking up the beef bourguignon that we’ll be having for dinner tomorrow night today so it just needs heating. So tonight will be something easy and light. I think I’ll make a chicken noodle soup.

Tuesday: we can check into our holiday house at 4pm so we’ll stop off at Bowral and buy a few baguettes, some salad greens and some potatoes. When we get there I’ll turn the oven on low and reheat the beef, make the salad and whip up a mash.

Wednesday: I cooked last night, our friends are cooking tonight. But we’ll muck in and help each other. My friend G will cook up some duck confit. They’re fellow Francophiles so we’ll have the duck with potatoes roasted in duck fat and other vegies.

Thursday: the town we’re staying in has a local’s pizza night at the pub. It’s a tradition we always follow.

Friday: There’s a restaurant in Berrima that’s also become a tradition, so we’ll dress up in our fancy pants outfits and head over there.

Saturday: we’re having lunch at our fave vineyard, Mt Ashby. They have the most amazing French-inspired menu. So we probably won’t need anything too huge for dinner. Perhaps a chicken pot pie?

Sunday: okay, we’re checking out as the next tenants are checking in but guess what? They’re also our friends! I know! So we’re going to spend the night at the pub and catch up with them at the house for a bbq and some champagne. We’ll organise to buy bbq meats from Spring Hill Beef – tastiest beef you’ll ever taste.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Do love that part of our beautiful country. Have a great break!

    Beef Bourguignon is on the menu here this week (kidlets - read daddy- bought me French Food Safari cookbook for Mother's Day) whilst I have made before, I am following the recipe from there.

    Out for another Monday Movie review night tonight - so Sausages, Sweet Potato Mash & Mixed Greens for easy dinner (feed Kidlets early, then DH can re-heat). Rest of the week depends on what I find at Sellers Meats this morning & what's left behind at the shop...

  2. Sounds yum! I grew up in the highlands and got married in Berrima. Have a lovely time! Is that the house you stay in? Looks gorgeous.

  3. Have the best time ever! I hope this gorgeous weather holds up! xx


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