Wednesday, July 04, 2012

back in the swing of things

It feels weird getting back to normal after a holiday. I've done all the usual things: unpacked my bags once we arrived home, shopped for meals, washed all the holiday clothes and settled back into normalcy... But still...

It's hard to settle down after drinking champagne by the fireside every night. And eating out daily. Luckily I've got loads of work to do to take my mind off it all. And more exciting things planned for the year - balls, a wedding, fun events including tomorrow night's Winter Wander in the mall.

I think I also need to organise a girly get-together with a table like this one.

Nice huh?


  1. Yep, always so hard to find a rhythm after a holiday, the longer the break the more difficult too. Lovely that you had such a nice relaxing time though. And that table setting is way too sweet xo


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