Friday, July 27, 2012

flowers for friday

I do believe that red and pink geraniums are one of my favourite happy-making flowers. They remind me of window boxes in Paris, and all of France. Driving around France I noticed that even in the smallest of towns people would make the effort to pretty up their homes with window boxes or small gardens featuring brightly coloured blooms - often geraniums.

So, of course, I've had to install them myself. On our loungeroom windowsills are three planter boxes filled with alternating red and pink geraniums. I've grown them from cuttings from my mother-in-law's garden and they've finally taken off. It's too soggy out there to take a photo today - so, instead, here's a photo I snapped at Petersham Nurseries on our UK holiday last year. What a glorious place that was...

Hey, what are your plans for the weekend? My daughter has a pupil-free day today - and a headcold. So I'm feeding her up and dosing her with lots of water so she recovers quickly. Tomorrow's netball {head cold permitting} and then my gal has a friend over for a sleepover. We're going to try the new Mexican place in Hamilton - La Casita. It's had reviews from some pretty food-loving peeps so I have high hopes.

Sunday I'm spending the day at a netball coaching clinic. Even though I've been coaching for years I do like having the opportunity to brush up on my skills and learn new techniques. I'll just have to organise for a decent coffee delivery during the day. Anyone?

Enjoy your friday and your weekend. x


  1. We have soccer and some family time afoot . Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. We have soccer and some family time afoot . Have a wonderful weekend x

  3. I too love geraniums and although I've not travelled abroad I have always been fascinated by the colourful window boxes one sees in picture of places in Europe featuring geraniums. We have them in pots along our driveway and I can see them from our kitchen window. There are places in our garden where pieces have broken off and they take root and then we get these sudden splashes of red suddenly appear. Sheer happiness from a simple flower.
    Our weekend will be a very quiet one as befits we oldies but today we enjoyed taking our lass to lunch to celebrate her birthday. We were thrilled that our oldest granddaughter was also able to join us with her 4yo and 3 month old daughters. Great to see the little ones again. I feel we all had an enjoyable couple of hours together.

  4. Love a pot of geraniums! Always make me smile. My darling Nanna showed me how to take a geranium cutting & grow a plant from that, I was probably 8-10 years old. Must remember to teach that lil skill to Miss 4, (one of our staff took miss 4 out into the garden at the shop & showed her how to plant tomato seeds and apple seeds....will be awhile before she sees an apple tree!)
    We all suffering from dreaded head-colds here....need more vitamin C & sunshine!
    Hope you have a great weekend (& get a decent coffee tomorrow)

  5. Oh, lovely Geraniums, so pretty in shape and colour... only wish they had a beautiful scent to match, always found that disappointing about them.
    Hope you had a great night at Mexican, we went out for Thai last night and it was amahhhzing! I love a good night out at a tasty restaurant xo


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