Monday, July 09, 2012

meal planning monday

Hello, well, it’s our first full week back on board after our lovely holiday in the Southern Highlands – and the last week of the school holidays. I’ll be keeping things pretty simple this week, and trying out something new along the way. Here’s what we’re eating.

This week’s menu

Monday: Slow cooker lamb pilaf - omg, this is so good. I've added a tin of drained chickpeas to this, and decided to use beef stock. It's YUM (from the few spoonfuls I've tested)*

Tuesday: Chicken Schnitzel, mash, corn on the cob and green beans

Wednesday: Beef tacos with corn salad and guacamole

Thursday: Pistachio dukka crusted lamb fillets with roasted chick peas. I’ve got a yummy pistachio dukka from the supermarket that I like to roll lamb fillets in then I sear them in a hot pan and finish them off in the oven. While they’re in there I’ll throw in a tin of drained chick peas on an oven tray to crisp up and then pop them in a bowl with roasted capsicum, sliced green onion, garlic and a balsamic, lemon and olive oil dressing.

Friday: Pan-fried blue eye cod, crispy potatoes and salad

Saturday: Aussie Farmer’s Direct Lemongrass and garlic prawns with a rice salad

Sunday: Roast beef and roasted vegies plus green beans with almonds. I bought a roasting sirloin at Coles this week. I'm going to place it on a bed of slice onions, thyme and red wine in the Le Crueset (after first searing it till golden brown in a frypain) and slowly cook it with the lid on. My guess is that it'll be tender and I'll have made my own gravy in the pan. I might just need to reduce it on the hotplate while the beef's resting at the end of cooking.

What are you eating?

*Okay, will need to update the recipe on this - needs cooking on low and less stirring in my opinion. It was delish, but the rice went gluggy really quickly. Perhaps it'd be better as a non-slow-cooker dish? 


  1. This time I joined your blog through Kakka's blog so am wondering if I can now leave a comment so here goes: Your menus sound you need a job as a cook for a couple of oldies for a week perhaps? No? Oh well our loss. You are fantastic the way you plan your meals and also the varieties as well. Won't comment further as you may or not see this comment. xxxx

  2. Oh WOW!!! It worked so now I know I can comment on your fantastic posts but have to go the roundabout way through Kakka's blog. Am so glad I managed to work that out. Now you know why you've not seen a comment from me for so long. xxxx


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