Monday, July 30, 2012

meal planning monday

Well hey, how's things? Busy? Yep, here too. This week's shaping up to be crazy-busy so I shopped up a storm yesterday and our fridge and pantry are PACKED. Here's what we're eating:

Monday: My daughter's netball team have called for an extra day of training, bless their little socks. So this afternoon it's down to the beach for some balance and jumping work - with a bit of fun tossed in. Guess who'll be starvin' Marvin on her return? Yep, my gal. So I've bought her a crumbed flounder fillet and some oven fries for dinner tonight. Hubby and I shall have salt and pepper squid with a cucumber salad - and a lime and chilli dipping sauce {easy peasy - half sweet chilli sauce, half lime juice!).

Tuesday: Long, long ballet day today. And I'm off to a presentation at the pub! So I'll have the fixings for mexican ready so everyone can assemble their own beef burritos with guacamole, salad, cheese, sour cream and corn salsa.

Wednesday: Normal netball training today. I'm going to try to make French Onion Soup - I have such a hankering. I'll saute lots of sliced red onions in a little butter, and with lots of thyme till tender. Then I'll sloosh in some brandy and burn off the alcohol. I'll then top it up with beef stock and simmer for an hour or so. I'll serve it with slices of baguette topped with grilled gruyere cheese in the bowl with the soup poured over top. Yum.

Thursday: Late ballet tonight - so I'm just going to make this tuna and pasta bake. Served with salad.

Friday: Hubby and I are off with some fabulous friends to another cooking class and three course meal at SandBar Newcastle Beach. The theme is Paris - so hey, c'est magnifique! I'm sure the recipes will influence me in weeks to come.

Saturday: I haven't done a great deal of slow cooking this winter - terrible! So I'll make up for it with Osso Bucco served with soft polenta.

Sunday: Let's end the week simply shall we with a roast chicken and vegies.


  1. MOH bought himself a slow cooker yonks ago and we began using it again a couple of years back. So much so that he decided we should have for casseroles and the like and the other for soup. He got one for Christmas...just a cheapie but it works well. Now MOH is not a chicken fan but a couple of weeks back I talked him into letting me make a chicken soup and it was so delicious. Just chucked in 2 chopped chicken thighs and all the vegies we could find to put in it. MOH is not a fan of chicken soup which actually was almost like a casserole it was so thick. My secret was to add pearl barley, but not too much. We oldies probably don't know a lot of the modern recipes the young ones try and use but we can steal make some pretty tasty meals. MOH is now making us beef and vegetable soup. I wonder if it will be as good as my chicken soup? Will know the answer to that when we have lunch tomorrow.

    1. Oh I love pearl barley in a soup - that sounds just lovely. Let me know how the beef and vegie soup goes as well. I think I'll make your chicken and vegie soup next week - with pearl barley! x


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