Friday, August 03, 2012

flowers for friday

Now I know it's frost-as outside, but can't you just see Spring around the corner? I can. My roses are mostly little spiky sticks, but I can just picture the buds ready to burst forth. My irises are popping up, and, underneath the geranium I have an abundance of nodding snowbells waving hello in the breeze.

So, tonight hubby and I are off with friends to a French cooking class and three course meal. Can't wait. Our gal's off to her cousins for a sleepover - so it'll be fun all around. Then it's a Saturday filled with netball in the lead-up to the finals. Wish us luck!

What do you have planned?


  1. Love your Flowers for Friday. I got the most beautiful snap dragons (at least I think thats what they are) last week. And they have been gradually flowering and revealing different shades of pink - so pretty.

    Our weekend consists of getting ready for the pre school fete on Sunday - kill me kill me now. Although the saving grace is that I'm working on the coffee stand. Score.

  2. Have a fab time at the class. Just your thing!! x

  3. Gorgeous blooms PPMJ and your garden sounds like it's priming itself for a beautiful Spring!
    Hope you had a ball at the cooking class, it does sounds quite wonderful indeed.
    Happy weekend xo

  4. Wish A luck with netball. We have two games to go, no finals. Is it bad that I'm secretly smiling? G.x

  5. Oh yes bring on spring. Today was glorious, just a teaser for the warmer weather


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