Friday, August 10, 2012

flowers for friday

I thought I'd do a special flowers for friday today as it's my birthday tomorrow {squeeeeeee!}. So I went back to my fave store in Paris Au Nom de la Rose and feature these beauties again. I will never forget that store. We stumbled upon it in The Marais, and oh, it was magical. Nothing but items devoted to roses. Real roses, rose candles, rose liqueur... the sight and the scent was just magical.

Red and pink roses also remind me of my last big birthday party - where I had a red and pink colour scheme {a combo I will never tire of}. Tomorrow will involve breakfast in bed, pressies, then netball, then lunch at Le Petit Deux. I'll just relax and read in the afternoon, then we're off to an Archibald cocktail party at the Art Gallery with friends. Once that's over we'll wander up Darby Street to check out the Bohemia Festival before having dinner.

Sounds like the perfect day to me.


  1. ooh it does sound perfect! enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday, dolly. I hope you get spoiled rotten and have a thorougly spectacular day. Saturday is a great day of the week for a birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday PPMJ, hope I just got in there (well in Perth time I did). Hope you had a wonderful day and got really spoiled by your lovely man and gorgeous girl. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope that your day was as wonderful as it sounds : ) xo

  5. I hope you had a great Birthday PPMJ. Love the roses. I went put the other day and came home to red roses. Very impressed.


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