Friday, August 17, 2012

flowers for friday

I think the thing that I love most about the end of winter is watching the red buds of jasmine start to appear. Of all the flowers, it's the scent of jasmine I find most intoxicating. I can't live in a house without jasmine. I need to pick a little bunch to pop in a teeny glass jar in my bedroom and breathe in the scents of spring before I go to sleep. Bliss.

Hey, guess what? It's friday! I know! Are you as excited as I am? I have a fun weekend planned. Tonight it's off to the opening of Good Rubber: an exhibition at Good Brother coffee shop planned by The Roost. It's all about cool works of art - designed for rubber stamps. How ace is that? I love this town!

Saturday's the girls' semi-final. They're pumped to win. Tomorrow they're spraying their hair red (the team's colours are red and white) and, if they get through to the finals - they're all dip-dying the ends of their hair red. Cute. They've worked really hard this year, they do deserve it.

Sunday my gal's going ice skating with a group of friends so hubby and I will probably potter in the garden. It's been a while as the weather's been so ghastly.

There shall also be champagne at some stage. After all, it's the weekend...



  1. I love watching for that first bud to burst into a fragrance that says 'spring is here! it's here!!'.

    Have a fab weekend. x

  2. gah! i'm exactly the same with jasmine!
    i have a vine on my front steps and i do a little jig when those little buds first popping up.
    and then there's the blooming thing... that calls for a full song and dance routine!
    can. not. wait!

  3. Argh jasmine makes me sneeze and marks spring with red eyes and runny nose!!

  4. When I was little we had jasmine all over the fence outside the kitchen window and everytime I smell it I am five-years-old again.

  5. My jasmine is just coming into flower as well, but I can't have it in the house as the scent gives me a headache (in confined spaces), but love smelling wafts of it in the garden. Have a great weekend, hope the girls ace the semi-finals. xxx

  6. AGREED PPMJ! Nothing says Spring more convincingly than the sweet scent of Jasmine in the air. As long as I can remember it has delighted me and I can't wait to steal that first wiff this year. We have quite a few Jasmine vines dotted around the place here.
    Hope you're enjoying your busy weekend xo

  7. That jasmine is so lovely. We have jasmine but it has no scent but still quite beautiful. Maybe as well 'cos of the allergies!!! Hope your weekend went as well as you anticipated for everyone.


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