Friday, August 31, 2012

flowers for friday

Hello Friday, my, you are looking pretty today... So, can you believe that it's the last day of August AND the last day of winter? Hurrah! I am so looking forward to spring. Longer days mean before-dinner bikerides. And warmer days mean SWIMMING! Yes please.

So, how's your weekend panning out? Ours is busy. On Saturday we're going down to watch the grand final of the netball season. Our team didn't make it, but we're off to cheer on the friends who did. Saturday night I'm catching up with some uni friends and we'll dance the night away to a band we used to dance to back in the day. But rather than dancing upstairs at Tatts, we'll be at the Lass. Same old. It won't be a late night though as it's father's day on Sunday. Hubby has requested breakfast in bed and a home cooked meal. Bless. There will be pressies too.

Have a lovely one - and enjoy your Friday. I think it's going to be a very good day indeed.

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  1. 22 degress in Melbourne on Monday - woo hoo! Spring has (almost) sprung.


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