Saturday, August 25, 2012

happy weekend

Hey, how NICE is it that it's the weekend? Super-nice I reckon. We've had a great morning. Woke up, went down and watched the netball finals (where the team that knocked us out last week had a surprise one point victory over the team who were expected to win - yay!) and then it was the netball team's end-of-season lunch at Grill'd. The girls hung out and ate burgers while a few mums and I had lunch at the café next door (prawn and ginger fritters - hello! - Lotus at The Junction does good lunch).

We're soon heading out to the Darby Street Bohemia Festival and then it's off to my in-laws who just came back home from two months in the UK (lucky ducks!). Then, tomorrow it's lunch for our niece's 18th birthday. Phew, busy.

Enjoy your day, and your weekend. I hope some of it involves time spend relaxing (preferably in a lovely swinging chair like this one - how NICE would that be?)


  1. Reading this post reminded me of how it was when we were young and of those busy, busy weekends when MOH and I both worked. You sound as though you are having a great time. Yes PPMJ our weekend will spend lots of time relaxing, doing some blogging and reading blogs and watching football. That swinging seat looks so tempting but this old dear perhaps would fall off. lol

  2. That sounds like a lovely weekend! Sadly, the weekend is already over here, with Sunday being the first day of the working week in Dubai. We spent our weekend swimming and at the mall. Standard pastimes here.

  3. Oh yes and some fabulous reading to go with that fabulous chair

  4. Oh yes and some fabulous reading to go with that fabulous chair


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