Tuesday, September 11, 2012

burlesque baby

Just over a month ago a friend of mine on Facebook updated her status, mentioning she'd just been to a burlesque fitness class. I, of course, squealed, then responded "Where? I wanna go!" So I went along and swiftly fell in love. What a fabulously fun workout. For a start, the music's awesome, and the hour just flies by. I've moved parts of my body that haven't moved in yonks - and I feel so much better already. My back doesn't feel stiff, I'm moving more smoothly and I am having FUN.

Pretty sure I'll start looking like Dita soon...


  1. I did hula hoop classes at the House of Burlesque, which included some burlesque warm ups and it was awesome fun. It doesn't feel like exercise, does it?

  2. That sounds like great fun and a great way to keep fit at the same time. xxx

  3. It sounds fabulous, where do I ign up


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