Friday, September 14, 2012

flowers for friday

Wow, Friday hey? How's your week been? Mine's been rather lovely actually. And tonight's going to be even better. We're off to a ball with friends, that's got to be fun. And - guess what? For the first time ever I'm going to a hairdresser to get a do! True! My frock's rather 50s style so I've asked for a messy, beehive-ish style. A little Amy Winehouse - but curly... Let's see shall we. I'll try to Instagram it - but I'm crap with selfies - I'll see if hubby can shoot me. We're sure to dance and laugh the night away. Can't wait. Then, on Saturday, we're off to a friends house with a few other groups of friends for a bbq. We're checking out their new home which will be fun. I think they're a bit in love with it - love sticky-beaking in new home!

But to get you through today I'll leave you with this fabulous image found on Pinterest. Isn't it divine? I want an effect like this outside our loungeroom window looking onto the side yard. It's the last place left to do {aside from replacing our front fence which is on the verge of falling apart}. Bliss. Utter bliss.


  1. Who wouldn't want an effect like that outside their lounge room window? Have a wonderful time at the ball tonight!
    Love Mumabulous

  2. Have a great weekend and I hope we do get to see a pic of the do. Just love that pic as well. xxx

  3. Oooh can't wait to see your do! Have a fabulous time. xx

  4. I absolutely love that effect PPMJ, if I'm not mistaken, I spy shy violets fave little flowers. Your night out sounds like it's going to be fabulous! Would love to see the finished do, I bet it looked hot. Have a great weekend! xo

  5. Oh I've not been to a ball for years, how fun.


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