Wednesday, September 05, 2012

hats off to newy

I was following the Good Food Guide awards on Twitter the other night and was thrilled to see that Newcastle now has FOUR restaurants with a well-deserved one Hat. The beautiful Bacchus has retained its hat, as has the sublime Restaurant Deux. Newbies coming into the fold are Restaurant Mason (next on my list to try) and the ever-so-awesome Subo.

Yay us.

I'm thrilled at these results, but not surprised. What Newcastle has in its food scene is passion. See that ridiculously pretty pic up there? That's from a Newcastle café. Yes, I'll let that sink in. Café. Not a hatted restaurant, but just a little something on the lunchtime menu. Ridiculously, crazy beautiful. It's an orange and berry verrine, with meringue, and a hazelnut praline. The orange came in the form of light mouthfuls of pannacotta, the berries in the perfect coulis. The toffee surrounding the nuts was deliciously thick, crispy and the perfect shade of caramel. It was so perfectly composed and utterly delicious. I think it's my new favourite dessert.

Unsurprisingly it came from the kitchen of Le Petit Deux, the french breakfast and lunch café set up by Lesley Taylor of Restaurant Deux. I love how she's translated fine dining aspects into the perfect french café menu. Merci Lesley.

I am just so proud of how this town's developing. Of the new cultures that are rising and embracing this town and what it has to offer. I see a promising future - and it's pretty darned sweet.


  1. I followed the awards on Twitter too!

    Yay, for Newcastle! x

  2. saw this pic on your instagram looks amazing!! We have been talking about going there for so long! Maybe it can be my birthday treat :)

    on a side note I made a little mention of you on my blog today :)

  3. Yes its inspiring! Go Newcastle! G.x

  4. Wowzers! That is a seriously pretty dessert. So nice to have all of those delicious food choices at your fingertips xo

  5. I must admit I've not seen a dessert like that in all my 80 years. Unfortunately it's one I'd just have to sit and admire and not eat. Your town sounds quite wonderful so yes, go Newcastle. xx

  6. I completely agree with you about Newcastle :) I moved here several years ago and I am raising my two beautiful boys here. It is a fabulous place full of positive energy and vibrance - after many, many moves I have finally found the place I want to call home. I love your gorgeous site here too, thank you - maz :-))

  7. Firstly this is a fabulous site and I enjoy reading your blogs. I too enjoyed a fine lunch at Le Petit Deux tying to decide what to eat was a chore as the menu read beautifully, I opted for the the zucchini flowers which were devine. We passed on coffee there, but headed across the road to Good Brother who serve a fine coffee, they know their stuff.
    Newcastle is a fantastic upcoming city and I'm proud t now call this place home. Lake Macquarie also has some new surprises, a coffee stop before a walk at warners bay has become a regular occurrence at King St. Depot. But the place we frequent regularly for both breakfast and lunch is cafe Macquarie in Belmont. Fresh food prepared by a passionate chef who has worked all over the world in some top restaurants. Their coffee is spot on too they have really made a difference in the local area.


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