Monday, September 03, 2012

meal planning monday

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Hey, Spring! Yay - thank goodness you're here! While I do love Winter, I am somewhat over it now and looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and a change of menu. We're busy this week, (I know - surprise!) here's what we're eating this week.

Monday: I wanted to do crispy-skinned salmon on the BBQ as my daughter loves salmon and I am guilty of never cooking it often enough. But the salmon yesterday at the store looked a bit pale. So, instead, I'll make salmon patties. I’ll serve it with a lemony potato salad and a baby spinach and blood orange salad.

Tuesday: I’ve switched the day of my burlesque fitness class so a friend can come with me. So whatever meal is planned for tonight has to be served up by hubby and daughter. Tonight my daughter has a school dance, and a friend over to get ready together. I'm going to whip up this delish mince and macaroni casserole from my Leggo's cookbook. It's so simple, and terribly tasty.

Wednesday: My daughter’s ballet has switched from Thursday to Wednesday so I now need a speedy Wednesday meal. I think we’ll have caramelised pork tonight. I'm also off to catch up with friends to check out some new offerings at the always-fab Greg & Audrey's Garage. I'm sure it'll inspire me for summer.

Thursday: I was chatting with a friend the other day about retro-meals and she mentioned curried sausages. Boy, did that get me hankering. She said she fried off the sausages first so the skin was nice and brown. I might just have to cook this up.

Friday: I’m going out to a school mum’s night tonight – no cooking for me, just sitting at a table being served two courses with friends. Yes please. Hubby and daughter can make homemade burgers.

Saturday: I'm down in Sydney tonight for a friend's baby party - yayness! All three of us gals from uni days are catching up, so I'm guessing that after the party we'll head out somewhere for some food. Don't worry, I'm not leaving hubby and child purely to fend for themselves - they're off to my in-laws for the night so my hubby can ride from Maitland to Dungog and back on Sunday morning. I know - craziness.

Sunday: I need to start a spring tradition to take over from roast. But I still want to roast… guess I can do lamb shoulder on the bbq and serve it warm with a salad. Can’t I? Yep, that sounds perfect, particularly as we have the netball presentation in the afternoon. I'll leave the bbq roasting slowly while we're out and we'll come home to cooked-to-perfection meat and a pre-prepared salad (I'm thinking a lentil salad and a baby spinach, feta and pinenut salad will work well). Don't worry, I won't leave the bbq unnattended, hubby'll be here working on the garden while we're at netball presso.

And that'll do us. Tell me what you're having.


  1. wow that all sounds AMAZING!! curried sausages is one of my 'running out of stuff' meals but I steam them first and then peel off the casing.... who knows what we will be having this week :/ I will be heading up north on Thursday so Joel can fend for himself :)

  2. All sounds fantastically delicious as usual and I noticed the words 'curried sausages' which made me realise I've not had them for AGES. When you find a good recipe for same could you consider sharing please. I am sure there are plenty of recipes around but I feel your recipe would be super special. xx

  3. Lamb is perfect for Spring! We had people over yesterday and served a butterflied leg of lamb marinated in fresh herbs from the garden then bbq'd, and thinly sliced and served with warm potato and watercress salad, and asian slaw. It was perfection with a glass of wine, sitting in the sun!

  4. yum yum yum! can't wait to get my bbq cranking again :D

  5. Your week sounds very similar to mine. School dance last night, school mum's dinner on Friday night... (Made the girls pizza before they headed out to the dance last night and tonight I am going to try to crumb pork schnitzels Don't really know how to do that... Wish me luck!)

    1. Lou, you don't have children at the same school as me do you? That sounds crazy-similar. If so - see you at the Duke on Friday night! Pork schnitzels are no different to chicken. Get a good flour coating (this draws out any moisture), then dip them in egg, then breadcrumbs. I like to do pork in a mix of panko breadcrumbs (or fresh sourdough) with a little chopped parsley and some grated lemon zest. So good.

    2. I certainly will see you at the Duke! My daughter is in Year 8. Look forward to meeting you. (By the way the schnitzels were a success! Egg, flour, Panko, salt & pepper & a little finely grated parmesan in with the Panko, served with lemon, roast pumpkin, broccoli - got a yum from all the family which is always very nice!)


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