Monday, September 24, 2012

monday, but no meal planning

We're flying to Melbourne today for a whole blissful week, so no meal planning from me. I'll be feasting in gorgeous Melbourne places catching up with family and friends. Can. Not. Wait. I'm keen to check out the Melbourne food scene - and do a wee bit of shopping.

Oh, and that meal above? Last night's dinner of duck confit, potatoes roasted in duck fat and salad. Sublime. Washed down with {too much} champagne. I know, I have a hard life...

Enjoy your week. I'll try to blog a bit from my phone where possible. Or check me out on Instagram - there will be plenty of shots this week.


  1. That meal looks sooooo delicious. Hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne. It is a city I love where I worked for 6 months in 1950-51. Went back in 1982 for a few days and still so easy to find our way around. Say hullo to Flinders Street station and the Princes Bridge from me. Safe return home for all of you. xx

  2. oooh have fun in melbourne!!! if i see you about i shall definitely wave excitedly!


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