Friday, October 26, 2012

flowers for friday

Okay, I know I said yesterday no flowers for friday - but I just had to use my iPhone as a wi-fi hotspot so I could buy Sarah Blasko tickets which went on sale this morning {Opera House next year - woo hoo! My gal's first concert!}

Then, I was cleaning up my desktop on my laptop and saw this shot of my cyclamen and bike and thought it was pretty darned perfect for launching into the weekend.

We're in Kiama. Our house is fabulous, the view divine, and we're off to the lawn in front of the Sebel to play croquet and drink Pimms in two hours. A four-day wedding celebration is totally the way to go! Best news: the happy couple couldn't be any happier!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love the idea of doing a wedding that way. Just your best friends. A beautiful holiday home. A few days together.

    Love. Perfect. Enjoy your long weekend. Gorgeous cyclamen.

  2. A beautiful photo. Enjoy your few days away xT

  3. Those cyclamen are truly beautiful and thanks for sharing even if you weren't going to do any flowers this week. xx

  4. What a wonderful thing a wedding weekend is! Enjoy yourself silly!! x


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