Monday, October 29, 2012

happily ever after

If you're going to get married, why not make a festival of it? That's what our friends did last weekend. Loads of us went down to Kiama on the South Coast to get ready to celebrate the marriage of two fabulous people who are so in love it just makes your heart swell.

See that? It's our view from the house we rented. Awesome huh? We even got to see whales!

How pretty is Kiama? This is the spot where ladies dressed in white and sipped Pimms and champagne and nibbled on tiny delicacies prepared by the bride-to-be's sister-in-laws and family. It was divine.

ps: croquet = heaps more fun when you can coordinate your shoes, toenails and croquet ball.

Here's the Little Blowhole - totally going off and making the big blowhole look like a bit of a fizzer in comparison. We oohed and aahed like we were at a fireworks display.

We all caught a bus to the wedding venue, a perfectly fabulous heritage house with glorious grounds fit for a splendid ceremony.

Waiting for a wedding to start is thirsty work - luckily there was a pretty lemonade stand standing by for refreshment purposes.

Some people just have the best taste in shoes - and a similar taste for co-ordinating toenail polish!

Also, a mean set of moves on the dancefloor.

I loved this idea - table names written on postcards from the bride and groom's overseas jaunt. The bridal table was New York as the proposal took place in Central Park. Bless.

Our was Avignon - perfectly parfait I'd say!

Have you ever seen a more glorious marquee? Decorated in blue and white, with gorgeous flowers in jars - all in the most divine shades of green and white. I do declare I've never seen anything prettier.

Oh, except for maybe this dessert buffet. I die. And go to heaven. Seriously, they actually tasted better than they looked.

Thanks Patty and Coz for inviting us to share in this most special of days. I just know you're going to live happily ever after.


  1. That marquee is spectacular! In fact the whole day looked and sounded just perfect. The dessert table looks too amazing for words... I may have just drooled a little in appreciation of all those sweets ;)
    What a lovely wedding experience, always so much easier to attend as a guest, rather than being part of the bridal party I feel xo

  2. No words to describe the marquee…WOW. xT

  3. Wow! That marquee is magnificent!Glad you had such a lovely time.G.x

  4. What a fabulous idea. Loved the co-ordinated shoes/croquet ball etc. xx

  5. That is fabulous and I LOVE your shoe photos!!! ;P


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