Monday, October 01, 2012

meal planning monday

And I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, my parents' house had NO reception, and every time we were out and about we were always dashing here and there... We had a fabulous week though. It was relaxing, and yet we still crammed in heaps. It's good to be back home though. AND back into another week of meal planning. Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Monday: today's a public holiday. Hurrah! We didn't realise this when we'd booked our holiday, but it does mean that we get a day off after our holiday. Perfect. Time to get washing done, shopping sorted and the final week of my gal's school holidays planned. For dinner tonight I want to make pork cutlets, with an orange glaze {smeared with orange marmalade and garlic before I pop them on the bbq} and served with an enormous salad filled with shredded carrots, cabbage, beetroot and zucchini and studded with roasted hazelnuts. Yum.

Tuesday: my gal's going to a macaron baking class at The Essential Ingredient today - love what they do! So she'll probably be in a bit of a french mood on her return. I think I'll make chicken provencale for dinner. And serve it with a green salad and crusty baguette.

Wednesday: my gal's off to her grandparents' for a sleep over, and hubby and I are off to a French movie with the Alliance Francais. We should also be catching up with some friends. No time for dinner before it starts, we might have to grab something afterwards...

Thursday: I have early burlesque class tonight, so I'll have spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight. Easy-as.

Friday: apparently we have nothing planned for this weekend {the only non-busy weekend this month}. I find that hard to believe - chances are I've just forgotten to write it down... But I do want to do salmon on the bbq tonight. With a lemon and caper sauce. And a salad - with celariac and walnuts. And radiccio, if I can find some. Yum.

Saturday: there's a new mexican and tequila bar opened in the East End. Casa del Loco.  I'm keen to check it out. Perhaps we should head there for dinner tonight. If so, let's have our fingers crossed that there's cerviche on the menu.

Sunday: last night of school hols. Let's celebrate with a roasted chunk of meat from the markets, and a lovely, lovely salad.

And that's it. Let me know what you're eating.


  1. My oven is STILL not working so it's another week of bbqs

  2. yum yum YUM! i am super unorganised and haven't planned anything yet this week!
    so slack!
    hope you enjoyed your week in melbourne town :D

  3. Great to have you back again; you were missed. Another fabulous menu for the week. You are so talented when it comes to food. Strangely it is pork cutlets for us tonight but with sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Just an simple old fashioned meal for we oldies.
    Quite a week in Melbourne while you were there....some good and some not so good but glad you had such a great holiday. You deserve it. xx
    P.S. To be honest I have been cooking meals now for nearly 60 years and have NEVER planned a weekly menu. Now I realise what I've NOT been doing right. Too late to learn I guess. :)


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