Monday, October 15, 2012

meal planning monday

Whew, sorry, the day just whooshed past me and here I am planning meals at dinnertime! Eep! Busy week this one, so here's a pic of my breakfast the other day - a coffee and a slice of Uprising brioche with french butter and sour cherry jam. Tasted even better than it looks. YUM!

Monday: obviously I'm busy. So we've just gone shopping and tonight we're having a bbq chicken, shredded, with asian salad (one of those pre-mix ones from coles). Lazy-fantazi.

Tuesday: burlesque night tonight. I've bought some Lillydale Chicken Burgers, so fresh burgers it is. On a wholegrain bun with loads of salad and sweet chilli sauce.

Wednesday: my gal starts touch footy after school. She won't be home till 5.30 and then tonight we have to be at the Entertainment Centre by 6.15 to watch the Australia Diamonds netball team vs England. Eeep! So I'll prepare a beef and macaroni pasta bake on Tuesday night so it's ready to go tonight.

Thursday: um, chicken with 40 cloves of garlic perhaps? With salad and roasted potatoes?

Friday: I'm off glamping with the gals. We're off to Gentlemen of the Road in Dungog. They've put on an extra night so after work friday I'll load up my car with my friends and we're off. Road food's in order I guess. Will have to organise it with my buds. Gal and her dad can make pizza.

Saturday: my gal's off to a party, so hubby can fend for himself. My guess is that he'll have a bowl of cereal.

Sunday: I'm home again. Hurrah. I'll be plum-tuckered out after my big weekend. Best organise a butterflied leg of lamb for the bbq and serve it with a simple salad.

And that's it. How about you? Are you more organised than me? Eep!


  1. the jealousy i have over your glamping weekend... so much jelly!
    but also over your breakfast, my belly is now growling!

  2. I am a bit disorganised too. Had osso buco Monday, leftovers Tuesday. Tonight's it's a barbecued chook with saag paneer. Erm and we'll have leftovers of that on Thurs. Then we're off to Melbourne for a wedding. Apparently my mother in law is cooking spag bol and soup for Friday night. Wedding food Saturday night. No idea about Sunday.
    Have fun glamping!

  3. I often wonder how you find time to draw breath!! I hope you have a wonderfully wonderful weekend. x


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