Monday, October 29, 2012

meal planning monday

Hi, sorry - I'm back - but am exhaustipated. The four day wedding festival of awesome has ended and I am pooped. Blissfully pooped. Oh my - what a fabulous, fabulous wedding. So much to say - but I'll save it for a blog post - don't worry, it'll be worth the wait. It was a Pinterest-worthy wedding - filled with gorgeousness. But now, we're back to reality. Well, my version of it.

Monday: tonight I knew I'd be dead-tired so I bought a bbq chicken last night and then tonight I shredded it and tossed it through rice vermicelli noodles, sticks of carrot, cucumber and capsicum, shredded mint and salted peanuts. I made a dressing with oil, vinegar, palm sugar, lime and fish sauce and combined it. YUM.

Tuesday: I'm making an enormous pot of spaghetti bolognaise as I accidentally bought 1kg of mince. Whoopsies! And then I'm off to burlesque (which, ps, came in very handy on the dancefloor on Saturday night as Kellie and I burst into a choreographed box step!)

Wednesday: hello Halloween. I'm making up my daughter with Mexican Day of the Dead makeup tonight and we're off to a Halloween party for trick or treating in a receptive neighbourhood then having dinner. I'm taking dead-man's fingers and blood (or, for the more normal - slow roasted chicken wing bits and tomato sauce).

Thursday: I'm going to make a salmon and asparagus salad that's in the latest Coles magazine - looks very simple and very delish.

Friday: Steak and salad probably.

Saturday: butterflied chicken on the bbq with salad.

Sunday: I think we're off to a friends for late lunch, early dinner type of thing. If not, then takeaway could be in order.

And that's it. You?

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  1. I am SO making that chicken noodle scenario. Cannot wait to see the wedding snaps!

  2. ha ha! it really is eerily similar! must've been on the same wave length :D


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