Tuesday, October 23, 2012

puberty blues season two!

Did you just love the series Puberty Blues?

Oh I did.

So, imagine the squeal just mere moments ago when I saw on Director Glendyn Ivin's Instagram this gorgeous pic with the awesome caption #PubertyBlues series two announced today!

Woo hoo.

I need me some more of that gorgeous Debbie, the retro-fabulous wardrobes and sets and the fabulous Aussie acting.



  1. Yes! I am so thrilled too. What a series.

  2. Oh I didn't get to watch it, I'll definitely have to play catch-ups!

  3. No didn't see it but then perhaps I am over teenagers. Too short tempered at my age but so glad you enjoyed it so much. x

  4. I thought it was fantastic. Can't wait for season 2

  5. Yep, absolutely dug that first season and can't wait for the next one. Love all the references to those things I remember fondly from childhood... "go get us a chico roll!", too funny ;)


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