Sunday, October 07, 2012

snippets of my sunday

I rode my bike out to Nobby's lighthouse today.

Yep, that's it, that little white speck in the distance. Hello beautiful Newcastle day. 
Could you be any prettier?

Nope, think not.

Afternoon catch up with friends at Frankie's Place to plan our "Glamping Getaway" in two weeks time to Gentlemen of the Road in Dungog. Why yes, that sinful-looking iced coffee was mine. T'was delish. And hey, I rode to the café and back...

I also caught up with more of the inaugural BikeFest - what an event. Loads of stalls, exhibitions and aceness. The organisers excelled themselves. Hubby went down and watched the races and was in raptures. How often can you duck down the road and see world class athletes such as Robbie McEwen riding mere centimetres past you?

I've also just found out about three outdoor cinema events that The Other Film Society will be putting on at Nobby's lighthouse for members over the summer. Sign me up!

Love this city.


  1. Looks pretty darn good to me. You also finished it with pork! Awesome! xx

  2. I did! I was going to put the pics here, but am saving it for my recipe blog - have to write down the recipe before I forget!

  3. Newcastle is really taking off an you show ua exactly why. x

  4. A gorgeous looking day indeed. Well done on the ride, must have felt good to enjoy your tasty beverage after putting in the hard yards. Sounds like a great weekend PPMJ xo

  5. My gosh you get out and about and do stuff. I am such a homebody (lazy cow). Gorgeous pics, now pls send that weather down to us.

  6. There is nothing like Newcastle on earth. I am a big fan of Newcastle. I live close to Newcastle the beaches are spectacular, the shopping is great with two big shopping centres close by. I have lived here for over 29 years and would not live anywhere else. The B&B's are great as well. With delicious breakfasts, wonder out to beautiful Lake Macquarie go on cruises, eat on the water front. Just relax and enjoy.

  7. Gorgeous. We love visiting Newcastle.


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