Friday, November 16, 2012

flowers for friday

Here are my peonies! Yep, get used to it peeps, there will be regular peony pics from me during their ever-so-brief season. Aren't they just glorious? I normally buy pink, but couldn't resist the white when I saw them last sunday.

Now, yay, it's Friday! I love Fridays. And this Friday in particular as I'm off with a bunch of friends to the opening of the Italian Film Festival at the Tower Cinemas tonight. Then we're off for a drink afterwards. Not sure where yet, Bar Petite will be chockers... perhaps The Terrace Bar? We'll see.

Oh, and for your amusement, spot Victoria Beckham in the shot below. She's photoshopped herself into a series of old Dallas shots and has totally tickled my funny bone in the process. Love her.

Have a fabulous Friday - and a gorgeous weekend my lovelies x


  1. Love the Dallas photo (and the Peonies - one of my fav flowers too!) it would seem Posh does have a sense of humour ;)

  2. That gave me a chuckle, I do love a celeb that can make fun of themselves

  3. That photo really is something. Amazing what can be done with modern technology!! The peonies? Thanks for sharing as they are so deliciously beautiful but still envious as we just don't have them over here in the West. Must ask if anyone here grows them but I've never seen them for sale anywhere. Hope your weekend is truly fabulous. x


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