Friday, November 23, 2012

flowers for friday

Happy friday everyone! I thought I'd celebrate by posting a snap of a flower stall in St Remy de Provence. Look at all that lavendar!

We have a busy weekend planned. I'm starting today with lunch with a friend. We're off to try Sinofood in Hamilton - the Chinese place that all the chefs rave about. Fingers crossed for something fab. My gal has a school dance tonight, so two of her friends are coming over to get ready. Bless. Then, tomorrow night it's my work Christmas party and I have some of the gals from my team coming over for drinks and nibbles pre-party. Let's hope the weather's good so we can enjoy sitting by the pool.

Have a fabulous friday - and a lovely weekend.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, hope you manage a little bit of r@r too.

  2. Gee, it's all go go go for you this weekend. Polly is right though; maybe a little rest and relaxation along with it. Whatever, just have a fabulous weekend and enjoy it all. xx


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