Monday, November 19, 2012

meal planning monday

Sorry for the tardiness - so disorganised - busiest week EVER. My gal has her final year 7 exams this week, so we're in full-on study mode. Plus, tomorrow night she has ballet dress rehearsal and photos. Eek! Here's what we're eating.

Monday: I cheated and bought butter chicken and garlic naan all ready made. My gal loves it - gotta give her brain food that makes her tummy happy.

Tuesday: I'm making bolognaise for dinner - we'll have to wolf it down before leaving for dance class at 6pm. We'll be there till after 8pm.

Wednesday: Steak and Salad tonight.

Thursday: burlesque tonight. Early class. So we'll have chicken, cashew and brocollini stir fry.

Friday: some sort of fish on the bbq I think.

Saturday: hey, guess what? I have a new job! I know! And, I have a Christmas Party! It's tonight, and I've invited some of the gals I work with over here for drinkies and nibblies before the party - I hate chasing canapes around a room!

Sunday: we're off to our friend's for duck and champagne. Cos, you know, you can never have too much of the stuff.

Oh, and see that pic above? I made that for last night's dinner. Recipe on my other blog. Seriously, roasting chicken on a bed of puy lentils RULES!

Have a great week x


  1. That roast potato is calling my name. Meliiiiiiiisssssaaaaaa. Eat me!

  2. Yum!! Looks so delicious!! I like the look of that pumpkin. You are so organised :-))


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