Sunday, November 04, 2012

sweet sunday

Morning! How's the weather around your place today? We seem to have a rather delightfully sunny day happening here - which makes me very happy indeed. I'm intending on pottering around, continuing my onslaught on Mt Washmore and washing down the front and back verandas on our house {because we're up high we get a lot of road dust on the pale grey weatherboards - I've tried sweeping it off, but only hosing works...}

I'm also planning a trip to the Farmers Market to buy as many items for this week's meals as humanly possible. I saw red last night when I went to Coles to buy a few essentials and looked at "vine ripened cherry tomatoes" - that were a pale orangey-green. So, you know, not actually ripened at all. I'm leaving supermarkets now for the things I can't buy at the markets, local fruit and veg stores and butcher, or Aussie Farmers. Food's too important to be sub-standard. If you're going to eat something - you want it to taste delicious and provide the maximum nutrients. An orangey-green tomato won't have anywhere near the vitamin and anti-oxidant value of a deep red beauty. Which reminds me, I need some vegie seedlings too. Best buy those from the markets too!

Enjoy your Sunday lovely ones x


  1. Your plans for today sound spot on. I do know what you mean about road dust. We have 3 very major roads all within a kilometre of our home (those huge semis use one of them all the time). I planted trees and shrubs years back and I do think they maybe help shield us a wee bit but not entirely. Enjoy your trip to the markets. We don't have a very good one near us unfortunately so endeavour to grow at least some of our vegies especially tomatoes and cucumbers which we use every day. x

  2. While I love hearing about fresh fruit and vege goodness at the markets your comments about Mt Washmore have reminded me of my own long chore list - unfortunately.

  3. I've bought the kids a big planter tub each, which they've filled with peas, tomatoes and strawberries, can't wait for them to vine-ripen!


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