Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hurry, hurry, rush, rush

Oh my goodness, I've been slack on the blog haven't I? I'm sorry, I've just been crazy-busy. Full-time, in-office work, end-of-year-craziness, parenting, socialising and visits from family mean I'm way behind with absolutely everything. Something's gotta give - and it's been this, my lovely little blog. My sanity-saver. Sigh.

Hopefully next week things will calm down. We have my gal's ballet concert tonight, then I have a Twitter Christmas party I'm helping to organise happen on Thursday night. Love, love, LOVE meeting my tweeps in real-life. Some of my dearest new friends I've met on Twitter, it really is a place of awesome.

So I'm taking a break this week - and I'll be back next week. Better than ever. Promise xx


  1. Fingers crossed I come to one of those Twitter parties one day in Newie. Yearning to move particularly strong at the moment ...

  2. You are always missed when you are away so hurry back. xx

  3. I understand what you have been through. Sometimes, I don't touch my blog for months.


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