Monday, December 03, 2012

meal planning monday

Well, here we go again, another busy week - with another week full of food. This pic here is from a chinese place in Hamilton I'd been dying to try. I went for yumcha the other week with some friends and it was DIVINE. Worth the wait. Look at all those lovely, lovely dumplings. Ahhhhh.

Now, my parents arrive from Melbourne tomorrow. They're up for a fabulous 9 days. So we'll be eating vego-friendly most of the time - with a few dishes we can adapt for my vege-phobe husband and child... Here's what we're eating:

Monday: I'm making tarts with puff pastry. Asparagus and sheep-milk feta for the vegos and adding some proscuitto for us three. Served with a tossed salad.

Tuesday: We're going across for Christmas drinks with the neighbours across the road while our gal's at ballet. I'll ask my step-father to whip up a mexican feast. We have loads of beans and avocado.

Wednesday: I'd like to make some fritters. Perhaps zucchini and haloumi - and corn fritters for my gal who's not so keen on many things green. Served with lots and lots of salads.

Thursday: pasta? Fresh spinach pesto? With a tomato salsa perhaps?

Friday: bbq. Loads of roasted vegies, haloumi and chicken kebabs on the other side of the bbq away from the veg. With salads, one with chick peas and one with baby beetroot and labna.

Saturday: I think we're hoping to catch up with friends - mine and my parents. I think curries could be in order for a crowd, don't you?

Sunday: We might have an early christmas dinner with the fam. I like to make a stuffed vegetarian loaf to serve as the main. A hollowed out loaf filled with layers of pesto, tapenade, roasted veg, wilted spinach and cheese - then sliced. Divine.

Now, that sounds alright doesn't it?

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