Tuesday, December 11, 2012

oh christmas shoes

Holy moly, have you ever seen prettier Christmas shoes? They're by Charlotte Olympia and I think I may well have died a little and gone to shoe heaven.

Oh my.

Oh very my.


  1. Oh love! In my pre-baby days I would have bought these, worn these & danced the night away in these, now I can only dream!!

  2. You could buy the top pair Mary - they're flatties!

  3. These are delicious! I'd love the flatties

  4. I haven't worn high heels for many a year but oh! I would love those flats now, even at my age. They are gorgeous. Inventive people could possible decorate a pair of black flats to look at least somewhat like those pictured. Just a thought.

  5. Oh stop IT! These are way too gorgeous for words. If I had the money... and space to store them... I'd be all over either of those pairs xo

  6. I did check the prices. Wow!!! Seems if I want anything like those flats it will have to be a DIY task. :)

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