Saturday, December 01, 2012

sweet saturday

Wow, haven't I been a slack blogger lately? Full-time in-office work and blogging Do Not Mix. I'm sorry! And I've been busy, with the typical end of year craziness. But it's all good. We've got a busy weekend planned. First of all there's a trip to the Olive Tree Markets to buy a bunch of Chrissy pressies.  And, because it's December 1, it's also Putting Up The Christmas Tree Day. Yay!

Oh, and a wee spot of cleaning and clothes washing (although it's overcast and apparently 96% humidity today - yep, 96... good luck getting anything to dry). I also have two parties to plan: my daughter's birthday party in two weeks - and a Newcastle Twitter Peeps party. Eep. I'm planning on ensuring everything's all 100% confirmed and invites are sent out today.

Because I missed Flowers for Friday yesterday here are two shots; the fabulous gardenias at the bottom of my stairs (swoon). And the most deliciously scented pink peonies I bought last week. Their scent was intoxicating - like the richest rose. Divine.

Have a fabulous weekend. x


  1. Oh my those flowers are divine.

  2. gorgeous flowers. good luck with the down hill run to Christmas and all of those busy things in-between now and then. alison x

  3. Those gardenias are magnificent and I am so jealous. I've had a gardenia bush near our front door for the past 5 or so years. It flowered once but never since and no matter what we do...just leaves.


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