Sunday, January 13, 2013

a little bit social...

I'm having one of those busy weeks, and next week's looking busier. But that's a good thing right? It just takes a bit of planning. For example, yesterday I went for High Tea at a chocolate shop for my sister-in-law's birthday festivities - so there was no breakfast for me. I'm also trying to balance it all out with as much exercise as I can fit in - when the weather plays nicely (for example: I am *dressed* ready to go for a bike ride, but the weather's all grey and scary - and the weather forecast is for storms. Eeek!)

Do I risk it? Yep. I'll just duck down to the velodrome 50m from my house and crack myself up riding my bike with a basket around the track alongside all the 'real riders' with their lycra and fancy Italian road bikes.

French word of the day: Dimanche - Sunday. Yay, my fave day of the week.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Oh, and ps: that drink above is a Hendricks and Tonic - my fave gin.


  1. Thanks for the laugh, I love the thought of you pedalling along beside the Lycra. It's still ht hot hot here, had a little game of backyard cricket before it got to hot, and perhaps a water fight later!!

    1. I did it the other day when I got halfway down the street and realised I'd forgotten my helmet. Couldn't be bothered riding back to get it so did 15 laps of the velodrome. Got lapped by the serious dudes, but rode at double the speed trying to keep up a good pace.

      How lovely a game of backyard cricket followed by a water fight sounds. Have fun!

      Ps; the weather ended up lovely this morning and I rode out past the lighthouse. Bliss.

  2. Enjoy your Sunday! Hendricks is my fave too x

  3. Damn you! Stop giving me reasons to move to Newcastle. Velodrome 50 meters from your house!


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