Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a touch of green

I think that my window boxes with herbs on my kitchen window sill are one of my favourite things. Is there anything better than just pulling up the window and grabbing a handful of fresh, green, tastiness to throw in your dinner?

My fave's thyme, I'll cook everything with it - but I've taken to adding fresh herbs such as coriander, chives, mint and parsley to salads. YUM! I feel a bit earth mother every time I add something I've grown to a meal that I'm cooking.

French word of the day: frais - meaning fresh.

What's your favourite herb and how do you like using it?


  1. My number one, absolute favourite herb is dill. I adore it. Stir a little through some mayo and dollop on smoked trout or salmon on a slice of bready goodness and you have yourself a mouth party.
    I also love it in a quiche.

    1. Ooooh, dill. Thank you. I'm going to plant out the vegie garden with some new herbs soon, and dill is so pretty.

  2. Ah! You just inspired me to make a roast pumpkin, thyme and goat's cheese quiche for dinner. Mmmmmmm.

  3. Wish I had a window box but I'd have to go outside to gather the herbs as we have a fly screen/security screen on the kitchen window. Rosemary is popular in our kitchen as well as parsley and..oh lots of different herbs for different purposes.

  4. I have to choose just one? I love basill for its versatility, I love rosemary because I love lamb and can you really have one without the other? And lately I'm loving coriander chopped through my salad.


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