Friday, January 18, 2013

flowers for friday

Happy friday everyone! Mine's bittersweet. I'm happy, because it's nearly the weekend, but I'm sad because it's my awesome team leader at work's last day. She's off to lecture in the work she excels in - her lucky, lucky students.

I've worked with lots of fabulous people over the years, and learned something from everyone. But E is something special. Her enthusiasm is ridiculously infectious - she made the entire team better at what they did. I've only worked with her for a few months, but she's made an indelible impression on me - and I know I've also found a friend for life.

E had a unique talent for managing - and I've learned so much from her. When you combine an incredible brain with a unique talent and genuine people skills you hit the jackpot. My work days won't be as bright without her in it - but I like to think that she's imbued the whole team with some of her spirit - so we can continue to shine in her honour.

I love it when people follow their dream - particularly when they dream big. Onwards, upwards and continue to soar E. I'll be here applauding with enthusiasm.

French word of the day: extraordinaire - incredible, wonderful.

No prizes for guessing who's inspired this word. Enjoy your friday. x

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  1. You need to cut and paste this as your recommendation on her LinkedIn account. I'd hire her!

  2. Now you've got my tears going! It has been an honour to work with you and learn from you. Looking forward to our catch up coffee next week ox looking forward to painting the town red :)

  3. That's a great tribute. It's important to have people you work with that you can look up to and learn from :)


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