Sunday, January 06, 2013

good times, good friends

Oh yesterday, you were soooooo good. Sometimes good things just happen via serendipity. A couple of months ago I was on Twitter (as I so often am) and joined into a rather lovely conversation between some smart and funny tweeps. It ended with a call for a gathering, in January, when the fabulous Anita Heiss would make the trip up the freeway for #NewyDreaming (how to spot a tweep? They have a hashtag for every event).

So yesterday I frocked up, threw on some sparkly flats and rode my bike down to the foreshore. I was met by this rather prophetic sign at our venue. Do I want a good time? Do I ever!

I caught up with some old friends, and some new, and was positively DAZZLED by Anita Heiss. What an incredible person. So smart, so hilariously funny, so resilient, so positive. I've read a few of her books, and followed her on Twitter for a while now so I thought I knew what to expect. No way. She's one of those people who holds court magnificently, but also make you feel like YOU are the most special object of her attention and that she really wants to know all about you.

She's amazing.

She's also hosting the IndigenousX account on Twitter this week. A big call after last week's host led a call to gather 10,000 followers and raise $10, 000 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Luke smashed his goal of 10K followers, and I've no doubt the money will continue to flow in and smash the $10,000 goal. Passion always makes things happen.

So we sat, we chatted, we laughed, we drank, we ate. And all too soon it was time for me to pedal home. So many things are imprinted on me after yesterday. First of all the special quality that is friendship - and how it's the ultimate tonic for the soul. We all left that lunch with our spirits lifted. And I left with even greater optimism and determination to stride forward more bravely.

One thing that Anita said resonated with me so strongly: "It's never about YOU. When someone thinks you're too fat/thin/black/white... it's always about them and their issues." So true. You can't take it on. So long as you try to do what you feel is right and be the best person you can be - and try to effect change.

I am so blessed to have been included in this lunch yesterday. So many smart, amazing and fabulous women out there. How blessed am I to call them my friends?

PS: speaking of blessed - look at the day Newcastle turned on for us. Stunning. Also, that drink? An Aperol Spritz: sparkling wine, soda and Aperol (a bitter orange liquer). So yum.

Today's French word of the day is joie (jsh-wah - pronounce the j like the s in pleasure): a profound emotion - delight, joy.


  1. "It's never about YOU. When someone thinks you're too fat/thin/black/white... it's always about them and their issues."

    Love that. Will be my mantra/affirmation for the next few months!

    Glad you had a great time!

  2. Sounds fantastic! You're right good friendship is a tonic for the soul. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. x

  3. Perfect description of the day Linda. I think we are all a little bit in awe of Anita! Was very good for the soul and I'm sure there are more to come. xoxo

  4. It really sounds like a wonderful day.


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