Wednesday, January 30, 2013

happy hump day

I never understood what people meant by the term hump day - but now I'm in a full-time office job I certainly do. Today's that day that seems insurmountable, until you get to the end of it and realise that there's only two days till the weekend. WOO HOOO!

So, to get us through our hump day here's a divine bathroom - imagine soaking in it? And look, it has a special thingy to prop up a book. DIVINE.

French word of the day: semaine (seh - man) week.

Yep, let's just get through the week shall we?

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  1. Oh yes, that bath is divine.

  2. Nothing better than a gorgeous bath. I noticed Aldi has something similar to that book holder in their cat this week, not as glam looking, but should do the trick. I am hoping to pick one up!


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