Tuesday, January 08, 2013

how sweet it is

Wow, it's a hot one around the country today. 38.5 in Newy, and topping that in so many places. Hope everyone's staying cool - and safe.

Today's French word of the day:
├ępatant (eh-pat - oh) - splendid.

Hope you have a splendid day x


  1. Hot in Perth today too...40C (104F). Horrific in NSW and those dreadful fires everywhere.
    Hope you are managing to keep cool and safe.
    Beautiful flowers..not sure what they are?
    French for today extremement chaud...extremely hot!!

  2. Yes, the temperature climbed over 40 degrees for us this afternoon. I headed straight home from work and into the pool. Bliss.

    The flowers are a mix of fresias and tulips - pretty aren't they?

    Love your french words - very apt! x

  3. Quiet day here today inside, too hot and windy to do anything else. Very envious of your pool!!

    1. How crazy was the heat. We were naughty and slept with the air-con on. I just couldn't sleep otherwise.


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