Wednesday, January 09, 2013

how's it going?

So, I've been into my #52NewThings for over a week now. I've set myself a goal of doing 52 new things in 2013 and I think I'm off to a rather lovely start. Here's the week's round-up of things I've achieved so far:

1. Try a new recipe a week. Well, I haven't cooked it yet, but there's a new recipe on the meal plan for tomorrow night!

2. Learn a new French word every day. Well, this is going swimmingly. I've been sharing them here (and will run through them below).

7. Drink my morning coffee outdoors. Check! I sat on the front veranda the other morning with a bowl of coffee and a magazine. T'was divine.

11. Actually call my friends and family. Called my mum in Melbourne tonight.

13. Catch up with friends in real life. Yep, Saturday lunch with my Twitter friends (old and new). And I'm catching up with old school friends on Saturday afternoon/evening.

18. Take a cooking class with a friend. Yep, a friend and I are planning on terrifying poor Jace at Essential Ingredient by taking one of his classes next month when it's cool enough for pastry.

28. Start saving for our next overseas holiday. Yep, money transferred after last pay day. Woo hoo.

30. Go on more dates with my husband. I've booked tickets for hubby and I to see Baby et Lulu at Lizottes on Valentines Day (awwwww).

31. See more live music. See above.

32. Make the bed every day. YES! I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS. IT IS AWESOME and makes the house look so much tidier.

41. Fold and put away fresh washing. Oh. Yes. I have. I know, can't believe it myself.

48. Well, tonight I made an excuse to miss Burlesque class, but it's over 40 degrees. I'd die. You'd miss me and that would just make everyone sad.

51. I have made a deal with the husband so he is forced to sell the car. It's on by the weekend or it's going to the wreckers.*

How's that? 13 things already - OH MY GOD 13 things in the first week of 2013 - that was so not intentional, but so awesome.

Now, this week's French words:
Le boulot
Coucher du soleil

PS: realised that I totally missed a word on Monday. RUDE! So here's two for today:

Grossier - rude, obscene
Remuer - to move

So, how are you doing with new things? Anything? Something?

*PS: I know that technically I haven't sold the old car - but we now have a one-month-plan. It'll be GONE by next month.


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Awesome work, and some wonderful things to write of. Dd and I went away on the weekend to hunter and tried all new wineries, left our baby girl for the first time ever and he is actually taking time off work this week, to do stuff, for our house...that in itself is amazing!

    1. Oooh, sounds FABULOUS Polly - well done. There's nothing like that bit of couple time away. You must write about the wineries you visited too. So many good ones up there.

  3. Well done on the new stuff. I'm trying to read fifty new books this year - a battle for me as I love rereading the same old stuff. Done two so far - neither literary classics but still.

    1. That's awesome. I'm onto my second - Pride and Prejudice. I have no idea if I've ever actually read it or not. Totally picturing Colin Firth as Mr Darcy though.

  4. Well done on your endeavours to keep up with your list of things to do this year. I have managed a few but it has been far too hot to sit outside until today and tomorrow is cooler so perhaps that coffee outdoors? Did get the washing put away so that's an improvement. Actually we are lapping up the cooler weather so have just sort of flopped to recuperate.

    1. Hurrah for putting the washing away - how GOOD are we? I hope you're enjoying a cool spell Mimsie, the heat just takes everything out of you doesn't it?

  5. Well done! You've done so well.
    Hubby and I are fulfilling a promise to do more together by seeing the Stone Roses next month! So excited!

    1. THE STONE ROSES? Oh I am DYING of jealousy! How fabulous. They're playing here, but at a festival... don't know if I could bear it. But still, The Stone Roses...

      Enjoy xx

  6. You are whipping through the list Linda! I haven't checked mine yet, will give it a little more time before I do ;)

    1. These are the easy ones - but still, they're enjoyable and making a difference. Did we write "Go see outdoor cinema with a friend? And pack an awesome picnic?" Because we'll totally be able to tick that off soon ;)


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