Monday, January 14, 2013

meal planning monday

Monday, hey, you come around in quite a Speedy Gonzales manner don't you? Well, now you're here, it's time to share this week's meal plan. It's a simple one because, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm a wee bit of a social butterfly this week. Here's what we're eating:

Monday: I'm off to the movies tonight to see Hitchcock with my friends A and C. Can't wait, it looks brilliant, and I'm quite the Hitchcock fan. I'm picking up A at 6.45 so we'll be eating early. I'm going to pound out some chicken breasts in the morning so they're about 1cm thin. Then, I'll pop them in a dish and cover with peri peri marinade. I'll cover it with cling wrap and refrigerate. When I get home they'll go on the open grill section of the bbq while I whip up a salad of mixed leaves, roasted capsicum, feta and pinenuts. When the chicken's cooked, I'll rest it for a tic, then slice it on the diagonal into thick strips and toss it over the salad. YUM.

Tuesday: back into Burlesque classes tonight if the weather behaves. Last week it was 40 degrees, and, as the classes are held in a school hall with only two ceiling fans I gave it a miss. I'll make this beef pasta bake and eat some when I get home.

Wednesday: I'm doing NOTHING. I am staying home. Yay. I'm going to do some lamb racks with a simple spinach and orange salad tonight. Complete with finely sliced red onion that's been steeped in orange juice for 30 mins. I'll then mix that juice with olive oil and use it as a dressing.

Thursday: busy. I'm off to dinner with my workpals to say farewell to the most awesome person I've ever worked with {sob}. We're headed to The Landing {surprise}. Then I have a netball committee meeting afterwards, as you do. Hubby and daughter will have steak and salad.

Friday: a quiet one tonight. So salmon and salad will be awesome.

Saturday: I'm off to an outdoor cinema night at Nobby's Lighthouse with my friend C. We'll take some yummy nibbles to snack on before the film. I might even make some savoury tarts to take along. I'll make extra to leave for hubby and daughter.

Sunday: I'm going to roast a chicken on a bed of lentils and serve it with salad. Yes. I. Am.

French word of the day: réjouir  (ray- shjwah) - to be delighted.

Have a fabulous week lovelies x

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  1. Oh Yum! There are actually 3 or 4 recipes here I'd like to give a go. Delicious. You ARE busy this week!

  2. You are really a busy lady aren't you and your menus as usual is absolutely delicious. My meals in comparison are soooo simple. :)

  3. Enjoy your busy week, it sounds like lots of fun things happening


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