Thursday, January 31, 2013

my sweet addiction

I do like my coffee. It's the only way I start the day. If there is no coffee machine in my vicinity I start to get antsy. On Instagram the other day I'm sure a lot of friends giggled when they saw that one of my friends had strapped her coffee machine into a seat and seatbelt in the car for a weekend. I simply nodded.

Today's going to be one of those three coffee days I'd imagine. A full day at work followed by a night at the club doing the netball registrations. The face-to-face aspect will take two hours, and then there'll be meetings and trying to start sorting out the teams. Out of over 600 players.




French word(s) of the day: bonne chance (bonn shonce) - this means good luck.

ps: this wee elephant in my coffee came via a delightful lunch with a friend at Cupcake Espresso. Cute non?


  1. Very cute. About to go out for coffee with friends. good luck tonight. xT

  2. Love this photo!!! And coffee is very, very important. :)

    Bonne chance! (belatedly ... just catching up with blogroll now after a similarly crazy, coffee-necessary week!) x


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