Sunday, January 27, 2013

some kind of wonderful

I had one of those truly awesome nights last night. My friend C picked me up and we went to check out the film Monsieur Lazhar. Sadly, the screening at Nobby's Lighthouse was postponed and we went to a room in Panthers to watch it. Sure, the view wasn't hot - but the film was just lovely. We both sobbed - and then drove down to Terrace Bar just around the corner.

Yesterday was JJJ's Hottest 100 - but the Terrace Bar did something completely different (as per usual) and had a DJ spinning the Hottest 100 from 1989. We walked in the door to Nick Cave crooning The Ship Song and the scene was set for a fab night. They've got a cocktail menu up and running, so, naturally I had to imbibe. I had this fabulous creation with St Germain liqueur, gin, pineapple and lemon juice (I think). Twas yummy. They were also running random trivia questions where you could win a free drink. See that card there? That's the free drink I won three minutes after walking in the door.


C and I sat down to sip our drinks, listen to ace tunes and chat about the movie. Of course, we also Instagrammed and Tweeted - and I checked into the Terrace Bar on Facebook. (Something I only do for local businesses to help their ranking on Google). One of our friends saw my update and before we knew it, he was walking in through the door.

We enjoyed the top 10, chatted about music and then saw a fabulous band called Boatfriends perform. Lots of laughs, lots of fun.

Good times people. Good times.

French word of the day: boisson (bwa - sogn) drink.


  1. It's always the unexpected nights that are the best I find. So much amazing in Newcastle at the moment. Life is grand...and of course the company was parfait!

  2. Just popped in to see what wonderful things you had been up to and sure enough your are still enjoying life to the full. Laughter is the best medicine so keep laughing. xx

  3. What a fantastic night, love the idea of listening to an old hottest 100, and yummy cocktails too, perfection.


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