Thursday, January 24, 2013

summer lovin'

I'm hoping that by posting about how much I love summer, we might experience a bit more of one. So far we've had either stinking hot or grey and blerky - not much of the fabulous in-between.

Oooh, am off to a movie tonight with a couple of friends. It's called Paris/Manhatten so naturally I expect I'll love it. Then we're off to meet a couple more friends at Bar Petite for drinks and dinner. Happy times!

Quick post today - mainly to share that pretty shot above (took it outside the Civic Theatre - love the contrast of the palms against the twilight sky) and share my french word of the day.

French word of the day: laquelle - which one - as in, which one do you prefer?


  1. Noooo - I'm ready to be done with Summer! I'm so hot.
    Tell us how the movie goes - sounds like something I'd love.

    1. It was divine Melissa, we all loved it. Really sweet, funny and different.

  2. I love summer but the heat this year has been terribly hard with a couple of young boys who are currently cricket mad! If this is how it's to be, I think we may need to escape to somewhere coastal next summer.


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