Saturday, January 19, 2013

woo hoo, it's the weekend

Oh, I do love a weekend - don't you? Hours stretching out before you with nothing but fun in between {oh, and housework and stuff, but, you know - pop on some music and make it fun!} The weather's not looking hot here - grey, rainy etc, which normally I wouldn't mind - except I'm supposed to be heading to Summer Cinema at Nobby's Lighthouse tonight. Anyone up for doing an anti-rain dance?

French word of the day: pourquoi (pour kwa) why? When it comes to living I like to ask Pourquoi pas which means Why not?

PS: how delightful is this image above? Nothing I love more than a bit of greenery, some shabby white and glorious pom poms. It's from my go-to site for droolworthy house and home pics.

Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. It's grey and gloomy here too although it's welcome, pease feel free to send your rain out west! Have a lovely time at the theatre and yes I agree that really is a gorgeous pic.

    1. I'm happy for the cool weather, and my goodness the garden needs the rain. But I was so hoping for a dazzling summer day for cinema at the lighthouse. Oh well, there's two more to go after this...


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