Sunday, March 24, 2013

grey skies are gonna clear up

This was how I started my morning yesterday - with a big bowl of coffee. As you can see by the lip, I was too greedy to wait till I'd taken my shot before taking a sip. Look at it though - the siren song is irresistible.

We had our first bookclub meeting yesterday and it was a smashing success. My friend C did an awesome job of organising it, and it went so smoothly. We had great debate over the book, and bonded over things we had in common. There was only one person I'd never met in real life before, but, as we follow each other on Twitter we already *knew* each other.

Today I'm catching up with a friend for coffee, going to the farmer's markets, and going for a great, big, long bikeride this afternoon. And, as autumn's apparently decided to pass us by, I'll go for a swim too.




  1. What did you read? I have a wonderful book club. The host cooks and chooses the book, no pressure to finish either. I do look very much forward to it.

    1. We read The Other Hand by Chris Cleave. I enjoyed it, but also found it flawed, as did the others. But it was the perfect book to start off with. Next we're reading Anna Karenina.

  2. Anna Karenina could take a lot of concentration if it is similar to other books about Russia as the names can be a bit of a problem the way they change depending on circumstances.
    My hubby meets a small group once a month to read and talk about poetry. They call themselves The Dead Poet's Society (not original but quite apt) and seem to enjoy themselves.
    That coffee looked so delicious so can imagine why you just couldn't wait. : )

    1. I LOVE that they're called the Dead Poet's Society - how fabulous. And yes, the whole Russian naming system is very, very confusing. Hopefully I'll be okay. Will just have to dedicate myself to it.
      Coffee was just as delicious as it looked x


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