Monday, March 18, 2013

meal planning monday

I'm feeling festive this week - so it's a party shot to plan meals to. Why not? Shouldn't every day be a celebration? Here's what we're eating.

Monday: my 10-year-old team's netball training doesn't finish till 6.30, and then my gal doesn't get home till after 7pm from ballet so I've got some honey soy chicken kebabs to serve with a rice salad.

Tuesday: my gal's netball training tonight till 6.30pm. I'm just going to cook steak and salad. Not on the bbq because the stupid gas bottle ran out about 10 minutes into cooking Sunday night's lamb shoulder. I discovered this about 45 minutes into the cooking time :(

Wednesday: I'm going to make salmon patties tonight. I have a tin of red salmon in the pantry, and can cook up some mash potato on Tuesday night. Easy-peasy.

Thursday: Homemade burgers tonight.

Friday: Lesley Taylor, the hatted chef from the former Restaurant Deux and head of Le Petit Deux is heading up the kitchen at my local bowling club apparently. It's an Italian-themed bistro Osteria. We'll go there tonight. It's a mere stroll from my house.

Saturday: we have nothing planned tonight. Nothing. Might cook up something lovely and slow. Osso Bucco? Lamb ragu? Whatever I make I'll serve it with soft polenta. Mmmmm.

Sunday: roast chicken cooked on a bed of French lentils. Yep. That.



  1. Yes it is YUM as per usual but more the type of meals I would think about planning and with cooler weather surely due to begin soon more hot dishes will be on our menu.
    Every day should be a celebration....that we have been given another day to enjoy living in this fantastic country so celebrate to your heart's content. x

  2. Seriously, can you adopt me? Or at least send me some care packages. I so wished I lived in your house! x

  3. I actually planned and blogged this week, I love it when I start it planned.

  4. y to the um! i'm lying in bed, and i don't think i'll be able to sleep now, my tummy is a rumbling!

    1. That's like me and watching cooking shows late at night - crazy!


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